March 21, 2015

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T hey could go by many names. The 47 clowns. The 47 idiots. The 47 racists. The 47 bozos. The 47 incompetents. The 47 nincompoops. Take your choice. Or, I would suggest we refer to them at The Illegals. It’s appropriate.

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Cake EatenFirst, a few warnings. This article is on economics, the justly termed ‘dismal science.’ True, it’s not all that entertaining but it is worthwhile.

It is my longest post ever, 4 to 5 times as long as usual. Still, it merits everyone’s attention. Lastly, I didn’t write it. Aaah. My apologies.

It is a cut-and-paste of the full article by Paul Rosenberg that appeared in Salon. Given the tremendous research and effort he put into this, he deserves his own audience.

Stock buybacks are not usually tagged as the prime corrupter of the economy but what follows makes a strong case. There are other factors, most, if not all, reinstituted by Saint Ronnie but ultimately derived from the most simpleminded and wrongheaded economic and political theories known to man. Enjoy. [click to continue…]


EgoWhen federal law is violated, it is the responsibility of the  Attorney General to indict those violating the law. That seems simple enough. There should be no question.

But, will Eric Holder indict the 47 senators scofflaws that, in their contempt for the Constitution, the law, the president and the nation, arrogantly demonstrated their ignorance of the Constitution, the law and their role as “public servants.”

Since our “servants” in Washington see both themselves and their putative adversaries as some special breed, it is exceedingly rare for any to be subjected to the laws, as we, their subjects, are.

Many have lately thrown around the term ‘traitor.’ I don’t consider these clowns much above qualifying for that but, as we are not actively engaged in a war, as delineated by the Constitution, there can be no treason. However, they are illegals. [click to continue…]


Coward CokerHere I was, all ready to write letters of thanks to the two senators from my home state. Silly me.

Why would I even contemplate such an uncharacteristic act? I saw where Senators Coker and Lamar Alexander were among the seven Republican members of the Senate that did not sign the outrageous letter to the leadership of Iran. Traitorous may be a bit hyperbolic — but barely.

Initially, I felt that since I could not remember ever agreeing with either on any issue and had trashed them only a couple of the numerous times they deserved it, I was prepared to congratulate them for remaining rational and refusing to sign the letter.

Forty-seven idiots signed that unparalleled conflation of hubris, misinformation and stupidity. The ringleader was Baby Senator Tom Cotton, a wet-behind-the-ears clown from Arkansas that appears to consider himself knowledgeable about a broad range of subjects, despite his demonstrable monumental and comprehensive ignorance. [click to continue…]


Entitlements Of Incompetents

February 20, 2015

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Prescott BushIs this what Benjamin Franklin was referring to? When Mrs. Powel asked,  “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

The two forms of governing are a monarchy and a republic. The former is hereditary. The other is not.

John Adams served fairly well as our second president. His son, John Quincy Adams, was our 5th president. John Quincy served his father and country in so many capacities that many historians consider him the most qualified of all presidential candidates. Further, he is touted as the most intelligent person to serve in that office. Until the Bush family contaminated our body politic, they were the only ones to flirt with the concept of monarchy. Flirt is not the proper word. Both were staunch believers in the republican form. Their service was not due to the seeking of power nor was it the progeny of ego. Now, we have devolved to the Bush and Clinton families.

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A Falling Tsar

December 2, 2014

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PutinFantasies rarely come true. Putin’s is becoming a nightmare for the Russian people.

Perhaps Vladimir would be well-advised to find a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. The pieces of Humpty Dumpty cannot be put together again. The pieces of the Russian Empire cannot be put together again. The pieces of the Soviet Union cannot be put together again.

The grandiosity of Putin’s ambitions seem laughable in the stark light of reality.

Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy’s. It is about the size of Spain’s. It has been a few decades since either of them dominated the world.

Those numbers, however, are subject to revision. The forecasts for 2015 have dropped from an anemic growth of 1.2% to a negative .8%.

The Ruble has fallen 40% this year. It now stands at about 54 Rubles to the US Dollar. My guess is that the Russian populace already is quite familiar with the word, инфляция, but significantly more is on the way. We, of course, also have incompetent economic managers, so we are quite familiar with the English equivalent: inflation. [click to continue…]


Lies Equal Lies
 I was sitting on a Delta flight out of Atlanta with Governor Jimmy Carter and Jody Powell. It was January 1976, two weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Jody briefly explained Ham Jordan’s campaign strategy. It was masterful. I saw the future. Governor Carter would be President Carter. I jumped aboard the bandwagon.

The Governor asked me for my opinion of the situation in the Middle East. Given his passion for detail, I am certain he expected a lengthy disquisition. My response was succinct. To quote myself, “A pox on both their houses.” While he may have come to at least a partial acceptance of my view somewhat later, he didn’t seem to embrace it at that moment. [click to continue…]

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Boot The Freeloaders

November 11, 2014

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FreeloadersThe Republicans say the poor are not carrying their share of the load. They say they don’t pay taxes. Actually, they pay a greater percentage of their income than does Myth Romney or most of his fellow plutocrats.

Most of the poor have jobs. Many have more than one job but are still poor. They pay 15.2% in payroll taxes. They pay sales taxes. They pay gas taxes. They pay excise taxes. They pay property taxes. The list is long.

But if the poor aren’t the freeloaders, who are they? Let’s ignore the bulk of the Fortune 500 corporations that pay little or no federal taxes. And, let’s emulate Washington and pretend the elite actually pay their fair share.

Is The Suspense Killing You?

Okay, here is something of a ‘Top Ten”of culprits, in alphabetical order: Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. This is not fully inclusive nor is my list exclusive but it’s unlikely to be featured by David Letterman.  [click to continue…]



August 28, 2014

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Fire With FireI have lately been deluged with requests for donations from various groups. These groups, various organizations of the Democratic Party and several devoted to specific causes, including gun control, veterans, the environment, immigrants and the similarly oriented, badger me constantly.

They ask for a signature on a petition. Then comes the beg. The majority leader of the House of Orange is bringing suit against the president for doing what the Republicans wanted him to do anyway. The cost is to be added to the deficit by those who claim nothing should be added to the deficit.  [click to continue…]

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Police State

August 13, 2014

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Police StateLand of the suspect; home of the cowed and subjugated.

It appears that not being of European ancestry is now a capital crime. Somehow that doesn’t ring true to the Pablum™ we were served in high school civics classes.

I used to admit to having served as commissioner of emergency services (fire, police and rescue). I was proud of our police department when it was honored as the best in the state. Now, I feel the need to explain that my involvement was in the 1970s.

Things have changed.  [click to continue…]