You Knew

October 9, 2016

hy should I write on this topic when Jeffrey Young of Huffington Post has crafted such a masterful piece already? The Republican establishment has knowingly promoted a monster to the public as worthy of the most powerful position on Earth. With the latest revelations of his perversity, immaturity and sociopathy many Republican politicians are feigning […]

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Pence Bullshit

October 7, 2016

ike is not as funny as Jim Carrey but Jim just cannot match him in insincerity. Mike spent most of the vice presidential debate denying that he and Donald ever said the nonsense that has been captured on video.

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How To Win

October 4, 2012

itt won the first debate. Truth lost. America lost. People lie for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to spare someone’s feelings. Sometimes it’s for reasons far less noble. Everyone does it occasionally. Some do it so much that others know not to put trust in anything they say. Then you have people who get away with it. […]

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Super Lies

October 31, 2011

Being born above my dad’s grocery store and being immersed in the grocery business, Summers and weekends, for many years, I thought I knew a few of its tricks. I’m now finding out how little I knew. Admittedly, I have not had much recent connection with the industry, as my father retired about 25 years […]

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The Untouchables

February 21, 2011

I went to search for some images of the untouchables of India.What appeared was almost entirely from the television show and the movie loosely based on Eliot Ness and his homies. Is it possible we aren’t all that aware of the rest of the world? The word untouchables is applied to the crew of Ness […]

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I’m Special

November 1, 2010

Did your mommy tell you that you are special? Of course you realize she may have been biased. You cannot look anywhere without seeing the results of the behavior of people who think they are special. The guy(s) who cut you off on the freeway this morning; the student who filmed his roommate’s private encounter; […]

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Liar, Liar

October 7, 2008

How have they lied to thee? Let me count the ways. There may be a problem when I run out of fingers and toes. (memo to self: check w/Dan in re e) Well, an easy one is pork. McCain claims never to have voted for pork. True, he’s been a bit stingy in that regard […]

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The Greatest Taboo

September 6, 2008

What I am about to do is so heinous I can expect no forgiveness. It is the unpardonable sin. I am going to make the outrageous claim that being a POW neither qualifies one for the Oval Office nor excuses being a liar. That may be too harsh. Maybe being a POW somehow causes someone […]

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