We’ve Come To This

January 25, 2017

ow far have we sunk? From the Founding Fathers to the whiny man-child is an incredible stretch. The differences beggar the imagination.

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God Is Hate

April 20, 2014

eally? God is hate? If you believe that these Republican leaders and their toadies are Christians, then one can draw no other conclusion. As a child I heard that people fear what they do not understand. It appears that Republicans have conflated fear with hate. It is the easiest strategy for appealing to bigots, racists, […]

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How To Lose

November 3, 2010

There are a few truisms in politics. It is obvious that the Democrats have yet to learn them. It appears necessary to take them back for a review of PoliSci 101. Any nationwide election is multifaceted. This one was especially so. That means both the mistakes and correctives are many. I can cover them all but most […]

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