You Knew

October 9, 2016

hy should I write on this topic when Jeffrey Young of Huffington Post has crafted such a masterful piece already? The Republican establishment has knowingly promoted a monster to the public as worthy of the most powerful position on Earth. With the latest revelations of his perversity, immaturity and sociopathy many Republican politicians are feigning […]

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Unnatural Gas

March 2, 2012

any of the statements about the availability and costs of gasoline share a similar odor with the gas that is one of the favorite subjects for the jokes of middle school boys. In both cases the sounds come from the same orifice. It’s almost impossible to find a discussion of differences on this issue where either […]

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Pigs At The Trough

December 16, 2009

Have you heard? The economy is in the tank. Have you heard? Unemployment is in the double digits. Have you heard? Congress wants to give themselves a pay raise. Your Congressman needs that money more than your piggy bank does. You would just spend it on something silly, such as food, shelter, clothing, medicine or […]

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