Oh What A Tangled Web

November 15, 2014

  was sitting on a Delta flight out of Atlanta with Governor Jimmy Carter and Jody Powell. It was January 1976, two weeks before the Iowa caucuses. Jody briefly explained Ham Jordan’s campaign strategy. It was masterful. I saw the future. Governor Carter would be President Carter. I jumped aboard the bandwagon. The Governor asked […]

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Not The Only One

June 4, 2014

f London Bridge falls, it likely will have lots of company. Much of our infrastructure is approaching the ripe old age of eighty. How bad is it? They tell us that 63,000 bridges are structurally unsound. How are we supposed to get from here to there? At least we have a number . . . […]

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You Don’t Matter

June 2, 2014

hat’s right. You don’t matter. Neither do I. While the internet was created with my tax dollars and yours, who cares? Certainly not the FCC. While you and I pay far too much to be connected others are making fortunes from it that would embarrass King Midas. It appears that nothing embarrasses Comcast, Verizon and […]

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Always Wrong, Never In Doubt

April 8, 2014

t is truly amazing that grownups can pay tribute to an ideology whose history is so despicable and whose record is one of always being wrong. Of whom do I speak? The right, both political and economic.

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Our Goose Is Cooked

February 1, 2012

ow many minutes has it been since you heard someone call this the greatest country in the world? How many seconds? Did you agree? Ooops. Was it you saying that? It used to be arguably true. We got accustomed to telling ourselves it was so. We believed it. Many of us, most of us still […]

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And The Loser Is

February 9, 2011

My days of playing football began 60 years ago. No. We did have helmets. Back then, we played both offense and defense. Not just because I was the 2nd smallest guy on the team, I was terrible at both. I don’t think I could have gotten better by using steroids. They may not even have […]

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Learn Me Too

September 21, 2010

Who is the handsome guy in the picture? The frame is taken from the movie Blackboard Jungle. The credits give the name of Jameel Farrah. Later, he changed his name. Does Jamie Farr ring a bell? Would he be more recognizable in a dress? Don’t you remember Corporal Klinger? Interestingly, though still off the point, […]

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Save US

January 23, 2010

Why are we being punished for being good? Have we weathered the economic meltdown? Have we survived? How are you doing? Is it over? Unemployment continues to rise. Foreclosures continue to increase. Foreclosure rates are expected to increase. Small- and medium-size businesses still can’t borrow to expand or even purchase inventory. The Wall Street casinos […]

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At The Movies

January 5, 2010

Seeing three movies in a week brought back memories. In the past week I went to the movies three times. I watched Up In The Air, Sherlock Holmes and Young Victoria. Up is a mixture. There are funny moments, serious moments and sad moments. George Clooney is at his peak. It’s difficult to imagine another […]

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A True Southern Spirit

September 16, 2009

Jody Powell passed away this week. Only last year we lost Ham Jordan, the other half of Jimmy Carter’s whiz kids. These two, in many ways, personified what I see as a special type of Southern spirit. It wasn’t just that they wore jeans to social functions with the establishment in Washington. It wasn’t just […]

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