What Hath God Wrought?

October 27, 2008

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If God is Love, What the Hell is This Guy?Perhaps I should begin with an apology to Samuel Morse for using his famous quotation as the title of this post. I really can’t blame God for the yo-yo to the left.

All of my copies of the Bible contain a short, simple, easily understood statement. It can be found at 1 John 4:8. it says, “God is love.” The full verse is, “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Calling oneself a Christian doesn’t establish it as a fact. The word Christian means Christ-like or follower of Christ. Neither of these seem to fit the members of the rabid Christian right. No, this is not going to be a sermon, so keep up with me.

I may be wrong but I thought Christianity was a religion, not a political party. In church I hear Obama called a Muslin, an Arab. The intensity with which they say it would seem to indicate that they truly believe such nonsense.

That is strange, as Obama attends a Christian church. He was married in a Christian church. His children were baptized there. He calls himself a born-again Christian. Then there is McCain. He doesn’t attend church and refuses to call himself a Christian. So, who do these Christians support? One guess.

The Christian right have been used. They have been stooges for the past three or four decades. There was a group of Republicans who knew that the party had nothing more to offer than Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon. They needed something to seduce voters. They needed some way of growing their numbers.

Eisenhower and Nixon dragged the traditional Republicans, kicking and screaming, out of their isolationist delusions. They remained, however, fiscal conservatives. The neo-cons stole this base and recruited social conservatives.

They looked upon the relationship with the religious right as a long term marriage. They made lots of promises. The intent was not to fulfill those promises. The intent was to build frustration and anger as a means of motivation. Fulfilling those promises would take away the possibility of manipulating those poor souls or the motivation to keep them involved in issues for which they cared little, if at all.

The radical right promised the social conservatives that they would keep prayer in the schools. Since those first promises were made, the situation, from their perspective, has only gotten worse.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was another promise. One more promise is, after 35 years, still unfulfilled.

Promise after promise unfulfilled. Why? Because fulfilled, the fire would die out. There would be no rallying cry. There would be no need for one. There would be no more need for the neo-cons. Don’t really try to accomplish what you promise. Keep them angry. Keep them motivated.

The rank and file of the religious right has been duped. They have been played for suckers by the neo-cons. The major leaders of the religious right have happily played the game. They know that maintaining motivated people benefits them personally. They are more than happy to play the leader roles assigned to them. The financial rewards and the ego massaging are more than adequate compensation for the TV preachers. They, as the neo-cons, want to keep this golden goose alive and well.

The neo-cons have held the House, the Senate, the Oval Office and the majority of the Supreme Court simultaneously. What was the result? Did they come through on their promises? They have no intention of fulfilling those promises. To maintain their control they will instill the hate that instigated the making and exhibition of the sign in the picture above. God is love. God is unlikely to approve.

The goals of the religious right should not be litmus tests for political parties. The politicians are not going to fulfill those promises. There are other, more effective ways of accomplishing social goals. Personally, I would have much more respect for the religious right’s position on abortion if they were really pro-life. It is rank hypocrisy to claim to be pro-life while supporting the death penalty. Either life is life and you are pro-life or you are just a person who sees their own life as less than worthwhile without some great cause or you are a simple hypocrite.

If you want to fight against abortion, fine. Fight against the death penalty. Support adoption. Have fewer kids and adopt. Feed, clothe and educate those fetuses after they have learned to walk and talk. Support life, not just prenatal life.

The advent of Reagan and his voodoo economics eliminated any real reason for the fiscal conservatives to remain but they did. They were smart enough to find ways to enrich themselves in the economy gone wild, the credit card party that this country has enjoyed for the past quarter of a century.

That part of the Republican Party is where you will find the bulk of those whose greed has so damaged our economy. I see no reason for followers of Christ to associate themselves with such miscreants.




locksmith south austin February 21, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Glad I stumbled upon this site, great read.

Cheryl Nelson April 26, 2009 at 7:00 am

I am reading this in April of ’09 so a late comment, but a positve one:

VERY GOOD common sense article. In other words, the conservative right just won’t understand!

Crawford April 26, 2009 at 7:50 am

Thank you. I hope my comments have some validity beyond the moment.

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