Totally Lacking Judgment

September 16, 2016

in Politics

judgmental-trumpHow obvious can Donald Trump’s lack of judgment can be? Total.

For years he has famously led the tin hats of the conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya. His reluctance to admit that his claims were a fraud were understandable. It has been the ‘red meat’ that was the appeal to the racists that form his base.

Being forced by the Republican establishment to cease embarrassing them finally reached the tipping point. It will not cost him his base. They emulate Trump himself in their inability to admit being wrong.

More than a lack of judgment, being a birther requires an IQ no larger than his glove size. Prior to his birth, Obama’s mother had never possessed a passport and had, obviously, never traveled abroad. Birthing a child in Kenya while being in Hawaii would be even more remarkable than the Immaculate Conception.

How slow-witted is someone that takes 5 years to recognize pure nonsense? Did Trump explain why he changed his mind? No. Did he offer evidence for his new position? No . . . no more evidence than he had provided while he was leading the war against reality – and facts. Did his “investigators” finally make it back from Hawaii?

Though this is the first recorded incidence of Trump admitting to being wrong, the strange feelings it engendered forced him to crawl back into his cocoon of fantasies by lying about Hillary having started the birther question and he having ended it.

Back in 2008, in Iowa, a volunteer in Hillary’s campaign suggested playing on Obama’s name to paint him as a Muslim. Portraying Obama as a Muslim could be expected to harm his campaign. But, Muslims are eligible to serve as president. It took the birther conspiracy theory to try to explain that the first non-white to sit in the Oval Office was there illegitimately. Pure and simple, it was based solely on racism. By the way, that volunteer back in Iowa was fired.

The best brain? You’re kidding. The best memory? He’s demonstrated the talent of forgetting claims made in his previous sentence. A family man that publicly dates his second wife while still married to his first? Well, he’s special. A charitable man who gives other peoples’ money as though it were his own (and even gives some to himself)? Does he grasp the meaning of the word, charity? He knows more about ISIS than the generals? One might wonder how he acquired this knowledge. Those close to him swear he has never read a book in his life, not even his own. And how does he learn from people who know less than him? An expert on business who can boast of 6 bankruptcies and who has been involved in 3,500 lawsuits, just in the past 10 years? That’s an odd way of demonstrating his expertise.

His sycophants confuse verbal diarrhea combined with a total lack of familiarity with social norms with “telling it like it is.” He is a clown. He is a con man. He is without any hint of empathy. He thinks everything is about him. He has set new standards for unreliability. His following of racists hate anyone not similar to themselves. Trump has ventured far beyond that point. One might think he considered fellow billionaires in his league. Not Donald. It’s the same with any other aspect of this piece of garbage. He will tolerate you as long as he thinks you are useful to him.

Hillary was right to apologize for saying “half” of his supporters were deplorable. She was low-balling it. Though to be fair, stupidity accounts for a significant number.

Crawford Harris.


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