Accepting America

October 18, 2016

merica is in jeopardy. I survived the 8 years of a total incompetent W and his personal Rasputin. I considered becoming an expatriate but, though I had traveled the world for nearly 20 years, America is my home. Things have changed. We again have a total incompetent running for the presidency but this one is […]

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I Wish I had Said That

September 23, 2016

Ted Nugent – Vladimir Putin – The KKK   Donald Trump Enjoys Broad Support   he choices are simple. Either Trump loses or this nation loses. I don’t mean loses a la George W. Bush, whose tax cuts for the elite put us $5.8 trillion further in debt or the 2 unnecessary wars that cost […]

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Words Fail Me

August 2, 2012

ords may fail me but seem never to have failed that master polemicist, Gore Vidal. It’s difficult to consider oneself a writer whenever one reads a titan such as he. It does, however, give one a truer perspective. In light of our relative literary strengths, I will rely for the greater part of this small […]

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Out of Business

June 6, 2012

ack in the days before dirt, when I first went to college, there were no courses in underwater basket weaving, tiddlywinks or recreational Nintendo. How could the jocks get a college education back then? Not to worry. The educational institutions of the time had a solution. They simply recommended that the athletic department suggest taking […]

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August 22, 2011

Once upon a time we had a president that knew how to lead. Admittedly, he sometimes accomplished it by dragging congressmen by their nose. Next we had a paranoid psychotic who thought he was a leader. Strangely, the public largely bought into his delusion. Come the presidential election of 1976 and the people were weary […]

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Where Are We Headed?

November 10, 2009

It appears the leader is being led. Obama has kicked out Paul Volcker, the closest thing to a sane voice on his team of economic do-dos. He is reportedly sending 40,000 more of our young to be wasted in Afghanistan. He long ago abandoned any pretense of leadership or backbone in the farcical pursuit of […]

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