What Are Debt And Entitlements?

October 18, 2016

onservatives distort the English language. One of the more prominent examples is the word entitlement. According to the dictionary, an entitlement is something due to one by law or contract. In the case of Social Security and Medicare, they are benefits that are paid for by the FICA tax of 15.2%. Conservatives confuse the word […]

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The Differences?

April 5, 2014

Afghanistan Conservatives’ Goals = American Republicans’ Goals here are two areas where I find the lines blurred. One is in the national/international arena. The other is closer to home. You likely have heard about the first ones. I hope you have been spared the later.

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Behind The Romney Plan

October 27, 2012

ou may already know that Romney has 24 advisers on foreign policy, all neo-cons. Seventeen came from the Bush Administration. Now we are turning to Romney’s chief adviser on the economy, Glenn Hubbard, formerly Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers Chairman. In other words, if you miss W’s administration, policies and accomplished missions, you can relive […]

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Keeping House

March 27, 2012

ow do I do it? Is it just another demonstration of my wisdom or, possibly, just dumb luck? Please keep your opinion to yourself. If you didn’t read my article from the 27th of September 2010 or have forgotten it, It would be a good preface to this post. To go there click on the […]

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They Are Wrong

August 11, 2011

on’t listen. They are all saying the same thing, so it must be wrong. There aren’t that many intelligent people in finance, politics and the media. We are assured that the crash of the stock market is the result of our massive debt. Really? The market, whose computers are among the fastest in the world, […]

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Worry Not

July 14, 2011

Yes, I’m back from vacation. I know. You didn’t even realize I was gone. Well, it wasn’t really a vacation. It was 9 days at Fall Creek Falls State Park with about 70 of my wife’s relatives. No it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Actually there is a little good came about while I […]

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Not A Fan Of Ceilings

June 25, 2011

I am not a fan of ceilings. Well, at home is good. Maybe in most any building. But that’s not the kind that we have as the subject today. We’re talking about the debt ceiling of the federal government. It’s possible one or two people may not be as familiar with this issue as they […]

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Imagination At Work

April 1, 2011

I pay more taxes than General Electric. You pay more taxes than General Electric. Technically, they pay more, just not to the United States Government. For some reason, though the bulk of their business income comes from this country, they always seem to lose money here and make tremendous profits overseas. Why didn’t TurboTax do […]

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September 27, 2010

It isn’t the prettiest word in the dictionary. Don’t skip this. You might become an evictee and I have an idea. It isn’t bad enough that people are losing their homes. The banks and mortgage companies are doing everything possible to make matters worse for their customers. In the process, they are stretching out this […]

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Good Taxes

March 29, 2010

Yeah, I know. There isn’t such a thing as a good tax. Well, maybe there is. Let’s think about it for a moment. As illustrated by the graphic, Wall Street got a huge tax break. Actually, they got a lot of our tax money. That in addition to several reams of tax breaks, subsidies and […]

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