What Are Debt And Entitlements?

October 18, 2016

onservatives distort the English language. One of the more prominent examples is the word entitlement. According to the dictionary, an entitlement is something due to one by law or contract. In the case of Social Security and Medicare, they are benefits that are paid for by the FICA tax of 15.2%. Conservatives confuse the word […]

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Super Lies

October 31, 2011

Being born above my dad’s grocery store and being immersed in the grocery business, Summers and weekends, for many years, I thought I knew a few of its tricks. I’m now finding out how little I knew. Admittedly, I have not had much recent connection with the industry, as my father retired about 25 years […]

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My Favorite Teacher

March 26, 2011

It’s been over half a century since I have seen my favorite teacher. That I still recall him means he made a lasting impression. The year I first met him, counting substitutes, we had five teachers in the first semester of our junior-year English. One left due to pregnancy. One got married and moved. One […]

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Writing A Book

August 28, 2009

I made a gross misjudgment. And, I failed to learn from it. No, though acknowledgment of it may be rare, making mistakes and not learning from them are not necessarily rare occurrences for me. I know you’re shocked but it is true. When I began to consider writing my first book it seemed an easy […]

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A Drunken Party

June 30, 2009

Who do you trust? John Belushi got it right. Most academics get it wrong. Everyone in academia knows just what a symposium is. At least they think they know. Have you read Plato’s Dialogues? One was named Symposium. Yes, the Greeks had a word for it: a drunken party. I could have heard much more […]

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Here Come De . . . Doctor?

July 14, 2008

Having been treated by at least 28 physicians and surgeons in the past three to four years, the subject is close to my heart, and my spine, and my artificial hip, and, and, and. Some are absolutely wonderful but 50 percent of all medical students were graduated in the lower half of their class. Not […]

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