It’s Not A Greek Crisis

July 10, 2015

reece cannot fall all by itself. It likely will bring the end of the Eurozone and create significant problems for the US. The Eurozone is a noble experiment but it is run by an international cartel of incompetents.

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Enemies of the People

January 9, 2013

hen will the voters of this country wake up and commit these people to mental institutions, prisons or kindergartens? Some of our “leadership” are simply tools of their plutocratic owners. Others have not the intelligence to understand how ridiculous is the economic twattle that impresses them so much. They even gift us with a self-satisfied […]

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They Are Wrong

August 11, 2011

on’t listen. They are all saying the same thing, so it must be wrong. There aren’t that many intelligent people in finance, politics and the media. We are assured that the crash of the stock market is the result of our massive debt. Really? The market, whose computers are among the fastest in the world, […]

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Not A Fan Of Ceilings

June 25, 2011

I am not a fan of ceilings. Well, at home is good. Maybe in most any building. But that’s not the kind that we have as the subject today. We’re talking about the debt ceiling of the federal government. It’s possible one or two people may not be as familiar with this issue as they […]

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March 1, 2010

It isn’t even close to Halloween but this post should spook you. Why would I try to scare you? Can’t it wait until the end of October? No. I’m funny that way. Just saying the word economics causes most people’s eyes to glaze over. Actually finding out what is going on in the economy has […]

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