Conservatives Are Wrong Again

December 10, 2016

here are different kinds of conservatives. The mixture is messy and it is difficult to understand how they can see themselves under the same banner. There are the social conservatives. It matters not whether they are right or not. They are essentially rabid. Though they are in the minority, they are convinced of their right […]

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Our Goose Is Cooked

February 1, 2012

ow many minutes has it been since you heard someone call this the greatest country in the world? How many seconds? Did you agree? Ooops. Was it you saying that? It used to be arguably true. We got accustomed to telling ourselves it was so. We believed it. Many of us, most of us still […]

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Learn Me

September 16, 2010

Is anyone satisfied with the state of education? Silly question. Everyone has complaints but most of those complaints are specious. Most of the proffered solutions miss the point. There is no doubt that our schools are not producing results that generate pride. The first matter at hand is to determine why. That will lead us […]

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