We’ve Come To This

January 25, 2017

ow far have we sunk? From the Founding Fathers to the whiny man-child is an incredible stretch. The differences beggar the imagination.

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Looking In the Wrong Direction

May 8, 2016

oving, a few necessary trips and scheduling a few more joint replacements, added to trying to do sufficient research for the books I’m working on, don’t leave much time for this blog. You likely aren’t too disappointed on the occasions I find a substitute to expound on an important issue. Here’s another such time. This […]

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Trump Is Unfathomably Ignorant

May 7, 2016

rump, despite his braggadocio, is not a successful businessman. He has mastered the media. That is not the same. He is simply a showman whose taste runs to the gaudy and whose social skills are more appropriate to the sandbox. Denizens of Wall Street estimate that his personal wealth would have been just as high […]

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The Dearth and Death of Journalism

June 20, 2012

es. I am so aged that I learned my craft as a professional photographer on a 4×5 Speed Graphic. Back in the 1950s I was fortunate enough to study under two accomplished professionals. One was the color consultant to Ansco. Ansco was the then Burger King to Kodak’s McDonald. The other was a former White […]

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Embrace Class Warfare

October 20, 2011

My occasional resort to language of a somewhat bombastic flavor may lead some to believe that I generally take an aggressive stance on practically every issue. That’s not necessarily so, but in the matter of class war, I am a super hawk. Oh, am I not being divisive? No. It’s several generations too late for […]

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Corporate Transvestism

June 3, 2011

t is now okay to own up to your obsession with Betty Crocker or Ronald McDonald. As a kid I found myself attracted to the Morton’s Salt young lady. A handful of salted peanuts can bring up memories of days gone by. Carrying a torch for Sara Lee or Big Boy was never really akin […]

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Class Warfare

October 15, 2010

Yes, class warfare has been waged against those of the middle class and the poor for decades. No, the middle class and poor have not been fighting back, at least not yet. I am suggesting a new and different strategy for at least the first significant counterattack. The plutocrats have handed us the weapon we […]

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September 27, 2010

It isn’t the prettiest word in the dictionary. Don’t skip this. You might become an evictee and I have an idea. It isn’t bad enough that people are losing their homes. The banks and mortgage companies are doing everything possible to make matters worse for their customers. In the process, they are stretching out this […]

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The American Dream – Part 3

August 28, 2010

Every time I try to get to other issues inherent in The American Dream the financial aspects keep intruding. Even though I was on the road on a genealogical trip, the talk of a double dip has been unavoidable these few days past. I feel compelled to respond. Once again, most of the commentary you’ve […]

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March 1, 2010

It isn’t even close to Halloween but this post should spook you. Why would I try to scare you? Can’t it wait until the end of October? No. I’m funny that way. Just saying the word economics causes most people’s eyes to glaze over. Actually finding out what is going on in the economy has […]

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