What Hath God Wrought?

October 27, 2008

Perhaps I should begin with an apology to Samuel Morse for using his famous quotation as the title of this post. I really can’t blame God for the yo-yo to the left. All of my copies of the Bible contain a short, simple, easily understood statement. It can be found at 1 John 4:8. it […]

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Greenspan Shrugged

October 24, 2008

Old Alan is quoted as saying, “I still do not fully understand why it happened.” Really? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Poor old Alan, formerly the architect of America’s prosperity, is now the fall guy. There he was being grilled by Representative Henry Waxman and his crew. There he was being treated as just […]

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Joe, the Wannabe Plumber

October 18, 2008

On David Letterman’s show Thursday night John McCain apologized to Joe the Plumber for destroying his privacy. That was nice. Out on the campaign trail the next day John McCain (yes, the very same one) went on a rant about how terrible it was that Barack Obama had violated Joe’s privacy. That wasn’t nice. Then […]

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Tinkle-Down Economics

October 17, 2008

Being laid up with bronchitis isn’t pleasant. Thousands of thoughts race through my mind. Although I haven’t fully recovered, I just couldn’t wait. The absurdity of our present situation is so obvious. The lack of understanding of why it happened is not. The only thing that has relieved my misery has been laughing at the […]

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Liar, Liar

October 7, 2008

How have they lied to thee? Let me count the ways. There may be a problem when I run out of fingers and toes. (memo to self: check w/Dan in re e) Well, an easy one is pork. McCain claims never to have voted for pork. True, he’s been a bit stingy in that regard […]

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Mommie Dearest

October 3, 2008

How many mothers are there in this country? 50 million? 70 million? 90 million? Last night Joe Biden legitimized single fathers. It’s about time. Thank you, Joe. After the death of my first wife, I was a single father for nine years. I now hear a constant drumbeat that Sarah Palin is qualified for president […]

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Stupidity Times Timidity

October 1, 2008

The Senate is scheduled to vote today on a slightly modified version of the bailout bill. They now prefer it to be called a rescue bill, as though that made it better or more honest. All of those calls Congress has been receiving are against bailing out Wall Street but favor rescuing Main Street. It […]

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Questions. Answers? II

September 28, 2008

It must have been terrible, waiting until I posted the following, answering all of your questions. It gets worse. I have some answers but, alas, not all. For those of you who haven’t read the first post in this short series, get with the program. Now that we know some of what went wrong and […]

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Questions. Answers?

September 27, 2008

There is some possibility that you have questions about the financial crisis. Questions were put to the candidates at the debate. Obama seemed on the cusp of an answer one time. McCain didn’t even try. We should not have expected any answers from the candidates. Neither is an expert on economics. We should not be […]

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Me and Shakespeare

September 26, 2008

Despite being a contemporary of the Bard, I admit to being far, far ‘neath the man in talent and in command of the tongue. Were I to ever fail to remember that sad fact there are hosts, indeed hordes, of persons at the ready to remind me. I knew William Shakespeare and I am no […]

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