Enough Already

September 29, 2016

  emember, it would be difficult to find many people that detest both Hillary and Donald more than do I. In addition to my disdain, I am desperately concerned for the future of this country, indeed the entire planet, should the maniac get control of the Supreme Court, the economy, education, the military and access […]

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Will Holder Act on the Logan Act?

March 16, 2015

hen federal law is violated, it is the responsibility of the  Attorney General to indict those violating the law. That seems simple enough. There should be no question. But, will Eric Holder indict the 47 senators scofflaws that, in their contempt for the Constitution, the law, the president and the nation, arrogantly demonstrated their ignorance […]

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God Is Hate

April 20, 2014

eally? God is hate? If you believe that these Republican leaders and their toadies are Christians, then one can draw no other conclusion. As a child I heard that people fear what they do not understand. It appears that Republicans have conflated fear with hate. It is the easiest strategy for appealing to bigots, racists, […]

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Money Talks

March 28, 2012

s money speech? The Money Court says it is. I’m becoming a believer. The deference shown by the Court to those with money was clear with that brilliant joke known as the Citizens United decision. Today, Roberts and Alito provided further evidence that money is more important than people. I really didn’t think we needed […]

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The Untouchables

February 21, 2011

I went to search for some images of the untouchables of India.What appeared was almost entirely from the television show and the movie loosely based on Eliot Ness and his homies. Is it possible we aren’t all that aware of the rest of the world? The word untouchables is applied to the crew of Ness […]

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Class Warfare

October 15, 2010

Yes, class warfare has been waged against those of the middle class and the poor for decades. No, the middle class and poor have not been fighting back, at least not yet. I am suggesting a new and different strategy for at least the first significant counterattack. The plutocrats have handed us the weapon we […]

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Supreme Stupidity

January 25, 2010

Despite what some may think, I was not around for the Dred Scott decision. That aside, I had comforted myself that the Supremes could not make a worse ruling than the one that gave us Bush the lesser. I was wrong, horribly so. We are now the only developed country in the world that allows […]

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