What Are Debt And Entitlements?

October 18, 2016

onservatives distort the English language. One of the more prominent examples is the word entitlement. According to the dictionary, an entitlement is something due to one by law or contract. In the case of Social Security and Medicare, they are benefits that are paid for by the FICA tax of 15.2%. Conservatives confuse the word […]

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Cut Everything

October 13, 2012

nake oil salesmen are no longer tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. Now they become Republican congressmen or presidential candidates. Their present-day scam is tax cuts, a miracle cure-all. Tax cuts. Oh, it sounds so good. But, is it? The seductive, siren call was injected into the recent vice presidential debate. […]

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They Are Wrong

August 11, 2011

on’t listen. They are all saying the same thing, so it must be wrong. There aren’t that many intelligent people in finance, politics and the media. We are assured that the crash of the stock market is the result of our massive debt. Really? The market, whose computers are among the fastest in the world, […]

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August 1, 2011

Ah. The good old days are returning. If you can remember The Great Depression, get ready for déjà vu. Eighty-odd, very odd, imbeciles have done more damage to this country than we can presently foresee. You thought that you lived in a democracy. If you count Pakistan, Mexico and Iraq as models of democracy, then […]

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

July 28, 2011

It’s about time someone got serious. It obviously isn’t going to be anyone inside the Beltway. The politicians consider their careers and their juvenile ideologies more important than the well-being of the nation and its people. Why are we not blanketing this country with recall petitions. Why are we not exhibiting a similar, reciprocal disdain […]

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Not A Fan Of Ceilings

June 25, 2011

I am not a fan of ceilings. Well, at home is good. Maybe in most any building. But that’s not the kind that we have as the subject today. We’re talking about the debt ceiling of the federal government. It’s possible one or two people may not be as familiar with this issue as they […]

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Corporate Transvestism

June 3, 2011

t is now okay to own up to your obsession with Betty Crocker or Ronald McDonald. As a kid I found myself attracted to the Morton’s Salt young lady. A handful of salted peanuts can bring up memories of days gone by. Carrying a torch for Sara Lee or Big Boy was never really akin […]

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Invisible Handjob

April 19, 2011

Please don’t jump to the conclusion that I am a socialist based on this article. Socialism has at least as many problems and inanities as capitalism. Also, it is not the only alternative. Besides, I detest all ideologies. All that I ask is that you not insult me by associating me with any of them. […]

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The Visible Invisible

April 6, 2011

Yes. I know that his makeup is that of a mime, not a clown. Perhaps he could appropriate The Donald’s hair. Unlike a mime, Alan just can’t shut up. He has regained his belief in his role as an oracle. Whatever his self-assessment, the fact remains that Mr. Greenspan is a clown. Did he just […]

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Lie To Me

July 30, 2010

Believe. Regardless of what the facts are, believe. Have you heard about the Democratic tax increase? Or, maybe they called it the Obama tax increase. What, exactly, are they talking about? They are talking about George W. Bush’s tax increase. Bush’s? How can that be?

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