We’ve Come To This

January 25, 2017

ow far have we sunk? From the Founding Fathers to the whiny man-child is an incredible stretch. The differences beggar the imagination.

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Take Us Back

November 9, 2016

  To King George III: Sorry, we made a mistake.

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Much Smarter

June 6, 2016

ook in the mirror. If you are wearing a Trump or Clinton t-shirt, button or hat, or if you’re smiling when contemplating our global image, or if you think this is a Christian nation, STOP. This article isn’t about you. Despite the fact that millions upon millions of people have such abysmally low standards (and/or […]

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Not The People’s Favorite

February 13, 2011

There has been a joke circulating through Egypt. His advisers tell Mubarak that he needs to draft a farewell and goodbye speech to the people. Naturally, he asks where the people are going. Here I am prepared to offer the world my assessment of the situation and prospects in Egypt and I get blindsided by […]

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Listen To Me

December 4, 2010

The revelations by Wikileaks point for me to a personal nexus. Because of this, I ask you to trust me; to trust my take on this entire brouhaha. It’s easy to go with the overwhelming push by the government, the media, the powers that be. If one side is all you have ever heard, it […]

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Business Unusual

October 27, 2010

Here I offer you yet another one of my pet peeves. I seem to have a very full treasure trove of them but this ranks high on the list. Government should be run as a business, so they say. One of the problems is that they are so ignorant of government, and possibly of business […]

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