How To Win

October 4, 2012

itt won the first debate. Truth lost. America lost. People lie for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to spare someone’s feelings. Sometimes it’s for reasons far less noble. Everyone does it occasionally. Some do it so much that others know not to put trust in anything they say. Then you have people who get away with it. […]

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Nine Dunces

June 28, 2012

n making speeches, the rule is to begin with a joke. No. I won’t be relying on the old standbys, Thomas and Scalia for this initial one. Kennedy wrote the opinion for the losers minority. And I quote, “In our view it must follow that the entire statute is inoperative.” They are saying that the […]

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Money Talks

March 28, 2012

s money speech? The Money Court says it is. I’m becoming a believer. The deference shown by the Court to those with money was clear with that brilliant joke known as the Citizens United decision. Today, Roberts and Alito provided further evidence that money is more important than people. I really didn’t think we needed […]

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Over The Top

March 9, 2012

had just turned 50 and was standing in the checkout line at some store. Among the items they were trying to give a last-minute impulse push were a few greeting cards. One of the cards seemed targeted particularly to me. It was a birthday card. It said that once you were over the hill you […]

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No Love Lost

February 20, 2012

t’s true. If you mix religion and politics, you get politics. Perhaps it was only a coincidence. Perhaps it was the recent emergence of that voice of the 12th Century, Rick Santorum. Whatever is was, something spurred the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to declare war on the administration. Perhaps it was coordinated. Perhaps not. […]

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The Book Of Jobs

June 11, 2011

Maybe not you, maybe not me, but tens of millions of people need jobs. It’s not just them that suffer from the lack of a job. Most have families. It isn’t even limited to them. It affects the entire economy. That means it affects you and me. Foreclosures mean the Great Recession lasts longer. More […]

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Corporate Transvestism

June 3, 2011

t is now okay to own up to your obsession with Betty Crocker or Ronald McDonald. As a kid I found myself attracted to the Morton’s Salt young lady. A handful of salted peanuts can bring up memories of days gone by. Carrying a torch for Sara Lee or Big Boy was never really akin […]

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Help US

April 16, 2011

We all agree. Everyone thinks that the government’s primary responsibility is to help us. Well, at least some of us. The problem is that we don’t agree on who the government should help. Some say help those who need help. That’s just silly. It’s the upstanding parasitic plutocrats who will create a few more jobs […]

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March 30, 2011

Medicare is wonderful. Medicare is terrible. Medicare is in trouble. Medicare is wonderful. Medicare is also complex. People are always suggesting changes. Some wish to extend it. Some wish to eliminate it. People are running around predicting bankruptcy for Medicare around 2017 or 2019 or whenever. No, it’s not that bad. There would be a […]

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October 11, 2010

Have you ever been angry? Surely you have experienced it at least once. Would you consider that time of anger the optimal time for making consequential decisions? The two definitions of mad often get so close to each other that they actually become entangled. There may be occasions when that serves a purpose but probably […]

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