Accepting America

October 18, 2016

merica is in jeopardy. I survived the 8 years of a total incompetent W and his personal Rasputin. I considered becoming an expatriate but, though I had traveled the world for nearly 20 years, America is my home. Things have changed. We again have a total incompetent running for the presidency but this one is […]

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You Knew

October 9, 2016

hy should I write on this topic when Jeffrey Young of Huffington Post has crafted such a masterful piece already? The Republican establishment has knowingly promoted a monster to the public as worthy of the most powerful position on Earth. With the latest revelations of his perversity, immaturity and sociopathy many Republican politicians are feigning […]

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August 28, 2014

have lately been deluged with requests for donations from various groups. These groups, various organizations of the Democratic Party and several devoted to specific causes, including gun control, veterans, the environment, immigrants and the similarly oriented, badger me constantly. They ask for a signature on a petition. Then comes the beg. The majority leader of […]

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The Differences?

April 5, 2014

Afghanistan Conservatives’ Goals = American Republicans’ Goals here are two areas where I find the lines blurred. One is in the national/international arena. The other is closer to home. You likely have heard about the first ones. I hope you have been spared the later.

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Wrong Again

June 28, 2011

Oh, how I wish this were the knockout blow. Sorry, it’s not. Nothing will ever get through the thick skulls of the ideologues. How many times must I tell you? Ideologies are oversimplifications by the intellectually constipated that appeal to the intellectually lazy and are usually wrong? Harsh? Hardly. Regrettably, my vocabulary is inadequate to […]

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Imagination At Work

April 1, 2011

I pay more taxes than General Electric. You pay more taxes than General Electric. Technically, they pay more, just not to the United States Government. For some reason, though the bulk of their business income comes from this country, they always seem to lose money here and make tremendous profits overseas. Why didn’t TurboTax do […]

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Back To Basics

March 17, 2011

Many teachers and union representatives became upset when I would first advise giving up tenure. It was necessary to explain or suffer a fate worse than death. Remember, my wife is a retired teacher. Their understanding of what tenure used to be, and should continue to be, was incomplete. It was necessary to give them […]

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Brutally Honest

September 23, 2010

et’s do something that the Republican Party is totally incapable of doing. Let’s be honest. They have announced their Lemon Pledge to America, six weeks before the mid-term elections. Newt released his Contract With America six weeks before the 1994 mid-term elections. Let’s shine a little light on their lies and cynicism. Permit me to […]

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A True Southern Spirit

September 16, 2009

Jody Powell passed away this week. Only last year we lost Ham Jordan, the other half of Jimmy Carter’s whiz kids. These two, in many ways, personified what I see as a special type of Southern spirit. It wasn’t just that they wore jeans to social functions with the establishment in Washington. It wasn’t just […]

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Switching Parties

April 29, 2009

I admit that I was caught off guard. Hearing Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, recently invoking secession came as no real surprise. Hearing that he has switched parties was truly unexpected. It was startling. Little Ricky, a true regressive ideologue, has changed from Texas Republican to, wait for it . . . socialist.

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