We’ve Come To This

January 25, 2017

ow far have we sunk? From the Founding Fathers to the whiny man-child is an incredible stretch. The differences beggar the imagination.

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Another Hillary Disaster

April 16, 2016

t is beyond belief that anyone could trust the honesty, competency or judgment of Hillary Clinton. While she has a head-full of wonk, there is no proof that she has mastered it. She had essentially total control of the effort to reform healthcare back in 1993. How did that work out? There is no question that […]

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August 28, 2014

have lately been deluged with requests for donations from various groups. These groups, various organizations of the Democratic Party and several devoted to specific causes, including gun control, veterans, the environment, immigrants and the similarly oriented, badger me constantly. They ask for a signature on a petition. Then comes the beg. The majority leader of […]

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Too Big To Care

November 1, 2011

Do you know which company is the world’s largest health care corporation? Care to guess? Aw, go on. You know the answer. Time’s up. It’s Johnson & Johnson, with a logo that often includes the words, Family of Companies. Oh, doesn’t that make them sound so cozy? Maybe they should ‘incorporate’ a teddy bear with […]

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A Twofer

September 7, 2011

I just wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts today. Regular readers will be surprised at how short this post is – not too pleasantly surprised, I hope. The common thread of these two subjects is stupidity. I promise to limit it to two, though you might be aware that we are suffering from […]

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