What Are Debt And Entitlements?

October 18, 2016

onservatives distort the English language. One of the more prominent examples is the word entitlement. According to the dictionary, an entitlement is something due to one by law or contract. In the case of Social Security and Medicare, they are benefits that are paid for by the FICA tax of 15.2%. Conservatives confuse the word […]

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Pence Bullshit

October 7, 2016

ike is not as funny as Jim Carrey but Jim just cannot match him in insincerity. Mike spent most of the vice presidential debate denying that he and Donald ever said the nonsense that has been captured on video.

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How To Win

October 4, 2012

itt won the first debate. Truth lost. America lost. People lie for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to spare someone’s feelings. Sometimes it’s for reasons far less noble. Everyone does it occasionally. Some do it so much that others know not to put trust in anything they say. Then you have people who get away with it. […]

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Over The Top

March 9, 2012

had just turned 50 and was standing in the checkout line at some store. Among the items they were trying to give a last-minute impulse push were a few greeting cards. One of the cards seemed targeted particularly to me. It was a birthday card. It said that once you were over the hill you […]

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Pay Attention

August 2, 2009

My first thought was to entitle this post, Ships Passing In The Night. That didn’t work out, for technical reasons. The appropriate picture to accompany the post would have appeared to be a black rectangle. It might have been mistaken for the picture of a black cat in an abandoned mine. Or, possibly, a picture […]

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Joe, the Wannabe Plumber

October 18, 2008

On David Letterman’s show Thursday night John McCain apologized to Joe the Plumber for destroying his privacy. That was nice. Out on the campaign trail the next day John McCain (yes, the very same one) went on a rant about how terrible it was that Barack Obama had violated Joe’s privacy. That wasn’t nice. Then […]

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Mommie Dearest

October 3, 2008

How many mothers are there in this country? 50 million? 70 million? 90 million? Last night Joe Biden legitimized single fathers. It’s about time. Thank you, Joe. After the death of my first wife, I was a single father for nine years. I now hear a constant drumbeat that Sarah Palin is qualified for president […]

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Questions. Answers? II

September 28, 2008

It must have been terrible, waiting until I posted the following, answering all of your questions. It gets worse. I have some answers but, alas, not all. For those of you who haven’t read the first post in this short series, get with the program. Now that we know some of what went wrong and […]

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Questions. Answers?

September 27, 2008

There is some possibility that you have questions about the financial crisis. Questions were put to the candidates at the debate. Obama seemed on the cusp of an answer one time. McCain didn’t even try. We should not have expected any answers from the candidates. Neither is an expert on economics. We should not be […]

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