I Wish I had Said That

September 23, 2016

Ted Nugent – Vladimir Putin – The KKK   Donald Trump Enjoys Broad Support   he choices are simple. Either Trump loses or this nation loses. I don’t mean loses a la George W. Bush, whose tax cuts for the elite put us $5.8 trillion further in debt or the 2 unnecessary wars that cost […]

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Burning Bridges

April 7, 2016

ew politicians have the skills of Bill Clinton. Hillary is not one of them. She often seems stiff, programmed or shrill. Now, Ms. Inevitable seems to be panicking. Most of her insults and lies have been artfully crafted. Now they reek of frustration and are coming with greater frequency. It is to the point that she […]

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An Act of Error

October 18, 2012

veryone knows what terrorism is, right? Obviously not. I watched a couple of news shows. One has an interview with Senator John McCain. The following show had an interview with another Republican. Both are criticizing the president, subsequent to the second debate. Both are referring to the killings in Libya as acts of terrorism. Both […]

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