HobknobbingThe Clintons appear very comfortable doing their part for those struggling with Bill’s welfare reform. That reform is still working its wonders, by kicking nearly one million people off of food stamps this year – yes, in 2016. That’s one of Bill’s policies that Hillary touts.

In my previous post I demonstrated that the Clintons are far less than progressive Democrats. They are DINOs, at best. How can it not be obvious when they both decry income disparity while she charges $675,000 to tell the Wall Street casinos how she will protect them from progressives.

Below I give you a post from Zack Carter on this very topic that likely will be enlightening to those who were enjoying the dotcom boom and weren’t paying close attention to Bill and Newt’s legislative partnership.

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Burning Bridges

April 7, 2016

in Politics

Burning BridgesFew politicians have the skills of Bill Clinton. Hillary is not one of them. She often seems stiff, programmed or shrill. Now, Ms. Inevitable seems to be panicking. Most of her insults and lies have been artfully crafted. Now they reek of frustration and are coming with greater frequency. It is to the point that she appears to have infected Bill. Even he is losing his cool.

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Oliver GoldsmithFrom my younger days I recall a quotation by Oliver Goldsmith (1730 – 1774), an Irish novelist, playwright, poet and physician: “Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.” Of course, he was unfamiliar with the Republican party and present-day American ‘journalism.’

Perhaps the world was simpler in the 18th Century. Now it isn’t necessary to ask a politician a question to get a lie. They are impossible to stop.

On the other hand, what we laughingly call journalists seem reluctant and/or incapable of crafting questions that might elicit useful responses. Then again, given the targets of those putative questions, they may be well aware of the futility of such efforts.

This article is by Eric Levitz and was published in the New York magazine. He presents evidence that the implementation of the nonsense that passes for conservative economics has devastated the economies of Kansas and Louisiana. This is the very same prescription every conservative politician has for the entire country.

When will people realize that all ideologies are merely simplistic constructs which purport to offer devotees answers without requiring them to think? [click to continue…]

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Says Who?

September 1, 2015

in Economics,International

Austerity AnchorIf you have a large amount of debt, cut expenses; tighten your belt. Who says?

Says the people who want to screw you again – and make you pay for it again. True, there are others saying the same thing but they are either the toadies of the above parasites or the gullible, touting the bunkum of the above parasites.

The banks almost tanked the global economy. You and I bailed them out. Now they want more from us. They call it austerity. They justify it with specious arguments.

Wall Street owns almost all of the Republican candidates. There are a few they are smart enough not to even bother with, though they echo the same tripe. Bernie may be the only candidate they don’t own.

For the most part, I will spare you my rhetoric and let a couple of others provide some clarity on the subject of austerity. [click to continue…]

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Euro DominosGreece cannot fall all by itself. It likely will bring the end of the Eurozone and create significant problems for the US. The Eurozone is a noble experiment but it is run by an international cartel of incompetents. [click to continue…]

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MerkelTemper, temper, Angela.

Ms. Merkel  certainly should be aware of 20th Century German history. It is ironic that Germany, of all governments, would be demanding debt repayment. Greek debt is a pittance compared to Germany’s forgiven debt following The Great War and WWII.

Even Great Britain and France have not always honored their debts. But, Greece is a smaller country, of course. It isn’t yet time for the small and the weak to inherit the Earth.

Here in the US, Americans are mostly confused about the potential ramifications of what is cutely termed, Grexit, to the extent they care at all. Surely, it’s a European problem. We’re the good old US of A. It doesn’t concern us at all. WRONG answer. [click to continue…]

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ScaliaChronic anger and senility are not an attractive mix. The body politic is burdened with the embarrassment of this robed buffoon.

This is a sociopath that judges, based on a rabid, an abject devotion to a ridiculous ideology that is a substitute for thinking. Nay, he considers it actual thinking.

This intellectually deficient clown is often referred to as the intellect of the right. Really? How so? Because he tells everyone that he is. In that regard, Newt is a serious rival. In actuality, he is a ranting, raving idiot.

To quote this self-ordained mastermind, “Words no longer have meaning,” He then proceeds to inflict upon us a lengthy harangue. Ironically, it was composed of a confusion of words; some of those selfsame ‘meaningless’ words. [click to continue…]

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Democrats In Danger

May 8, 2015

in Politics

Not UsThe Democrats don’t give a damn about us but they still will be surprised when they discover far more of their base sitting on their hands on election day.

Obama insists on pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Given the evidence of such accords in the recent past, even more jobs will flow to countries that treat their people not much better than industrial farms treat chickens. At least they don’t pump them full of hormones and antibiotics.

Obama has no reason to feel lonely up there in the Beltway. Congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans, both right and righter, are hard at work decimating the middle class. It seems to be their only realm of competence. Congress truly earned their 11% approval rating. [click to continue…]

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March 21, 2015

in Whatever


T hey could go by many names. The 47 clowns. The 47 idiots. The 47 racists. The 47 bozos. The 47 incompetents. The 47 nincompoops. Take your choice. Or, I would suggest we refer to them at The Illegals. It’s appropriate.

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Cake EatenFirst, a few warnings. This article is on economics, the justly termed ‘dismal science.’ True, it’s not all that entertaining but it is worthwhile.

It is my longest post ever, 4 to 5 times as long as usual. Still, it merits everyone’s attention. Lastly, I didn’t write it. Aaah. My apologies.

It is a cut-and-paste of the full article by Paul Rosenberg that appeared in Salon. Given the tremendous research and effort he put into this, he deserves his own audience.

Stock buybacks are not usually tagged as the prime corrupter of the economy but what follows makes a strong case. There are other factors, most, if not all, reinstituted by Saint Ronnie but ultimately derived from the most simpleminded and wrongheaded economic and political theories known to man. Enjoy. [click to continue…]

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