Totally Lacking Judgment

September 16, 2016

in Politics

judgmental-trumpHow obvious can Donald Trump’s lack of judgment can be? Total.

For years he has famously led the tin hats of the conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya. His reluctance to admit that his claims were a fraud were understandable. It has been the ‘red meat’ that was the appeal to the racists that form his base.

Being forced by the Republican establishment to cease embarrassing them finally reached the tipping point. It will not cost him his base. They emulate Trump himself in their inability to admit being wrong. [click to continue…]

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Trump: The Dangerous Clown

September 14, 2016

in Politics

il-duceHow best to describe Donald Trump? A more naive Neville Chamberlain? A deluded man-child with too much money? A symbol of national lunacy? The result of the plutocracy win? Republican diaper rash from refusal to clean up their act?

Why would you not want to vote for Donald Trump? Keith Olbermann is back, (on GQ’s web site) with 176 reasons not to vote for this devotee of dictators. Actually, these are more than just reasons. These are warnings from the mouth of The Donald himself. [click to continue…]

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Gun Crazy

June 15, 2016

in Law,Politics

Gun CrazyLet’s call them what they actually are, not what they call themselves. They call themselves patriots but hate the government and most of their fellow Americans.

They claim allegiance to the Constitution but misread the 2nd Amendment and oppose much of the rest. They want to take back their country from the rest of us. They get upset when the Park Service objects to their use of our park land to graze their herds gratis. They are freeloaders, parasites.

Let’s call them ignorant, semi-literate racists who need a penis substitute to prove to themselves they are a man. Sadly, they have no concept of what constitutes a real man. [click to continue…]

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Spotting Trends

June 11, 2016

in Politics

Spotting Trends While we are all laughing at or crying about the political circus of this electoral cycle, significant changes are taking place. So, what’s new? After all, changes got us to this point.

Those wishing to deny change began to change things a few years back. If I have to pick a starting point, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign is a likely spot. That’s when the crazy’s became prominent. We’ll ignore ‘Tailgunner Joe’ McCarthy, as that is a horse of a slightly different, but complementary, color.

The conservatives claimed ownership of the United States. They asserted that others (the sane people) had stolen their country and they wanted it back. They could not tolerate the most dynamic economic growth in the nation’s history, or people who were not pasty-faced voting, or geezers having healthcare, or not having the right to make everyone subject to their ideological fantasies. [click to continue…]

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Wall Street Walkers

June 8, 2016

in Politics

DNC Trio

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is home to the world’s most expensive prostitutes. Its members get the treats for turning tricks but you and I are the ones that are paying for it. Below is an article by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. Neither they nor I wish to see Trump in the Oval Office, but the prostitutes shown above also are potentially far more harmful to you than ISIS.

This election is not the end of our responsibility for the future of our country. It is not the beginning of a 4-year break in our responsibility. It is just the beginning of a sustained effort to end the bribery, to eliminate the kleptocracy.

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Much Smarter

June 6, 2016

in Whatever

Answers and QuestionsLook in the mirror. If you are wearing a Trump or Clinton t-shirt, button or hat, or if you’re smiling when contemplating our global image, or if you think this is a Christian nation, STOP. This article isn’t about you.

Despite the fact that millions upon millions of people have such abysmally low standards (and/or intelligence) as to consider two of the most detested people in the country suitable for the Oval Office, there are are some smart people stockpiling enough Ambien to get them through the next election cycle.

One of my favorite smart people is Richard Feynman. He said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.” “ He also stated, “This is the philosophy that guided the men who made the democracy that we live under. The idea that no one really knew how to run a government led to the idea that we should arrange a system by which new ideas could be developed, tried out, and tossed out if necessary, with more new ideas brought in — a trial and error system.” This is the ‘original intent,’ not the blathering of an unlamented Supreme Court Justice. This perspective destroys the entire concept of conservativism: idealizing the past and wanting to hold on to what you have when there is every hope that we can create more and better.

My apologies for getting sidetracked. Below is an article by Dr. Travis Bradberry on, The 5 Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average. Answer honestly. No cheating. I, of course, exhibit all 5 signs.

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MisdirectionMoving, a few necessary trips and scheduling a few more joint replacements, added to trying to do sufficient research for the books I’m working on, don’t leave much time for this blog. You likely aren’t too disappointed on the occasions I find a substitute to expound on an important issue. Here’s another such time.

This country is in deep do-do. So are many others. I grew up believing that, if you faced a problem, you tried to deal with it. Obviously, our leaders don’t feel the same. Magicians use misdirection to entertain us with some amazing feat. Politicians misdirect us due to a lack of competence to deal with the problems or because they don’t understand their responsibilities or because they don’t want you to pay attention to the real problems or because they can only get elected by instilling some fear in a constituency; sometimes real but more commonly imagined. [click to continue…]

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Brainless TrumpTrump, despite his braggadocio, is not a successful businessman. He has mastered the media. That is not the same. He is simply a showman whose taste runs to the gaudy and whose social skills are more appropriate to the sandbox.

Denizens of Wall Street estimate that his personal wealth would have been just as high had he invested his inheritance in the stock market. That, of course, is taking The Donald’s word for his net worth. There is a reason he refuses to release his tax returns. Many guess that he falls a bit short of being a billionaire, far below $4.5 billion or $10 billion or whatever. Take your pick.

There has been failure after failure. When was the last time you flew on Trump Airlines? Have you eaten any Trump Steaks lately? Have you ever washed one of those steaks down with Trump Vodka? Do you read Trump Magazine in your spare moments? I would recommend ignoring that ad for Trump University. Sorry, but it’s too late to refinance with Trump Mortgage. [click to continue…]

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Hillary HypocrisyWhy would Hillary refuse to provide the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs? Because she is afraid you and me and John Q. Public would not vote for her. She is afraid it would destroy her campaign. She’s correct.

Though it is being seriously devalued in this election cycle, your vote is the most valuable treasure you have as an American citizen. If Hillary is unwilling to be honest with you, to be open about what she tells her most important supporters, does she deserve the gift of something that should be so dear to you? Do you value your vote? Then can you, in good conscience, make a present of it to someone who values you so little?

The following article is by Seth Abramson, a poet, editor, attorney, journalist and assistant professor at Wesleyan University.

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Hillary EmailIt is beyond belief that anyone could trust the honesty, competency or judgment of Hillary Clinton. While she has a head-full of wonk, there is no proof that she has mastered it. She had essentially total control of the effort to reform healthcare back in 1993. How did that work out?

There is no question that she has an excess of ambition. It has never translated into anything of value to anyone else. She says she is concerned for the middle class and those in poverty. She claims concern for the obscene income disparity. Somehow, she is not satisfied with the Clinton’s $140 million income over the past 8 years. Somehow, she demands $225,000 for secret speeches. Somehow, she fails to appreciate the unbridgeable gap.

Enough of my ranting. For the subject of Hillary’s regime change efforts in Honduras, here is a piece by Ben Norton. He is a politics staff writer at Salon. You can find him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton. [click to continue…]

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