How To Kill For Money

June 3, 2014

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Coal PlantYes. You too can become a mass murderer. Some self-chosen few are even making obscene amounts of money doing it. How many people is it possible to kill? Why stop at people?

Yes. You can help exterminate the entire human race. We can even throw in several thousands of species of fauna. How about even more? How about all of those pesky species of flora?

I am providing a video course below in how to remembered as among the greatest mass murderers of all time. Ooops. Sorry. Just one little problem. There won’t be anyone remaining to remember you. Well, anyway, it’s free.

Perhaps we should begin by making sure that we are speaking the same language. This short video explains the differing usages of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Next, we’ll need to eliminate the confusion between the terms weather and climate. They are not synonyms.

You see days of colder than usual weather. You see weather that’s warmer than you remember for that time of year. You see Sandy and other more violent storms. Global warming? Yes. Heat is one expression of energy. The warming means there is more energy in the system. That extra energy increases the extent of warmth or cold. It increases the violence. With stronger storms with higher tides and rising sea levels, you can expect the New York City subway system and tunnels to experience more flooding. And, that isn’t the only city on a coast.

We will get to the real meat of the subject shortly but the deniers are desperately trying to to find obstacles to throw in the way of facts. Their current favorite is concensus. The media plays along because they thrive on conflict, even if the conflict needs to be exaggerated for the purpose of entertainment, i.e., ratings. Here’s a truer depiction of consensus.

Some of you are scared by all of this talk of climate change. Others don’t give a shit. The next video needs to be seen by everyone but especially the shitless. Whether you are worried or not, the odds are that your position has been induced by all of the talk of the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide, CO2. Yeah, it’s causing a problem. But, permit me to draw your attention to its handmaiden – Godzilla. The next video should scare the Fruit of the Looms off everyone. Carbon dioxide is just the icebreaker, so to speak.

Norfolk FloodWe’ve all seen the polar bears in jeopardy. That doesn’t appear to be a situation with which we can readily identify. How about a canary closer to home? High tides are regularly bringing flooding to the streets of Norfolk, Virginia. Would you like a legitimate excuse not to show up at work? How about not being able to get out of your house?

The Chrysler Museum of Art was forced to empty its basement and move its heating and air conditioning to the top floor.

Many deniers use their religion as an excuse. That’s less likely in Norfolk. Churches there are posting tide charts on their web sites to tell people whether they can get to church.  Churches are shutting because they can no longer afford the flood insurance.

Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base, so eventual evacuation should be manageable. Whose next on the list? The Big Easy, New Orleans. There goes some fine eating establishments. Maybe they’ll relocate to Denver. Next, a 700-mile stretch of the East Coast.

I don’t wish to unduly scare you but the more research I did, the more Cassandras I found bemoaning the likelihood that we have already passed the tipping point. They feel it is too late. They don’t think that trading your SUV for a Prius will cure the planet. Let’s hope they are wrong but, even if they are, we don’t have time to dawdle – or spend our time and resources fracking.

Let me leave you with this image burned into your eyeballs.

Statue of Liberty Waterline

Crawford Harris.


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