Conservatives Are Wrong Again

December 10, 2016

in Politics

There are different kinds of conservatives. The mixture is messy and it is difficult to understand how they can see themselves under the same banner.

There are the social conservatives. It matters not whether they are right or not. They are essentially rabid. Though they are in the minority, they are convinced of their right to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

There are the neo-cons. These are the ones that have never seen a war they didn’t love. Their only goal is to find an excuse for a war.

However, today we focus on the economic conservatives. The social conservatives have no need to think, as they hold THE TRUTH. The neo-cons fantasize themselves as John Wayne. You might hold some hope for the economic conservatives, as they profess to honor things that are measurable. If only that were so. 

It must be noted that those of each form of conservative seems to feel some compulsion to accept the positions of the others. This mindless agreeing with the others on issues not of their primary concerns is evidence that they are too intellectually limited or too intellectually lazy to actually think about the issues. This frequently leads their voting against their own, real interests.

The focus of this article is to show the foolish, slavish devotion of economic conservatives to what they consider verities, ignoring the evidence. They have an ideology that has never proven itself to be anything more than fantasy. The real world is never permitted to intrude upon their simpleminded mythologies.

Here is a short video from Robert Reich that makes clear the distance between the real world and conservative cant.

Remember: the more you do of what you’ve done, the more you’ll have of what you’ve got.


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