October 2012

Behind The Romney Plan

October 27, 2012

ou may already know that Romney has 24 advisers on foreign policy, all neo-cons. Seventeen came from the Bush Administration. Now we are turning to Romney’s chief adviser on the economy, Glenn Hubbard, formerly Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers Chairman. In other words, if you miss W’s administration, policies and accomplished missions, you can relive […]

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What States Rights?

October 21, 2012

o you see anything wrong in the graphic? It’s right there in your face; perhaps too obvious. It’s a political statement by someone who considers himself a super patriot. Some untutored person quite inappropriately has attached the words “States Rights” to a picture of the Constitution. Untutored? Inappropriate? Sadly.

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An Act of Error

October 18, 2012

veryone knows what terrorism is, right? Obviously not. I watched a couple of news shows. One has an interview with Senator John McCain. The following show had an interview with another Republican. Both are criticizing the president, subsequent to the second debate. Both are referring to the killings in Libya as acts of terrorism. Both […]

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Cut Everything

October 13, 2012

nake oil salesmen are no longer tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. Now they become Republican congressmen or presidential candidates. Their present-day scam is tax cuts, a miracle cure-all. Tax cuts. Oh, it sounds so good. But, is it? The seductive, siren call was injected into the recent vice presidential debate. […]

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How To Win

October 4, 2012

itt won the first debate. Truth lost. America lost. People lie for various reasons. Sometimes it’s to spare someone’s feelings. Sometimes it’s for reasons far less noble. Everyone does it occasionally. Some do it so much that others know not to put trust in anything they say. Then you have people who get away with it. […]

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