March 2012

Cut It Out

March 29, 2012

ave you ever heard a politician advocate cutting taxes? Have you ever been alive? The refrain is constant. It is pure bullshit. They tell us it will create jobs. The facts show otherwise. I can state the facts from here to the end of ignorance and it will do no good. I can show the […]

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Money Talks

March 28, 2012

s money speech? The Money Court says it is. I’m becoming a believer. The deference shown by the Court to those with money was clear with that brilliant joke known as the Citizens United decision. Today, Roberts and Alito provided further evidence that money is more important than people. I really didn’t think we needed […]

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Keeping House

March 27, 2012

ow do I do it? Is it just another demonstration of my wisdom or, possibly, just dumb luck? Please keep your opinion to yourself. If you didn’t read my article from the 27th of September 2010 or have forgotten it, It would be a good preface to this post. To go there click on the […]

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Keystone XL Redux

March 10, 2012

try to keep my readers abreast of what’s really going on. Occasionally, I can steal the beat on the major media. Check out last week’s article at Unnatural Gas. This is an article from the web site of the Christian Science Monitor. They no longer publish a dead tree version but, back when I was […]

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Over The Top

March 9, 2012

had just turned 50 and was standing in the checkout line at some store. Among the items they were trying to give a last-minute impulse push were a few greeting cards. One of the cards seemed targeted particularly to me. It was a birthday card. It said that once you were over the hill you […]

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Unnatural Gas

March 2, 2012

any of the statements about the availability and costs of gasoline share a similar odor with the gas that is one of the favorite subjects for the jokes of middle school boys. In both cases the sounds come from the same orifice. It’s almost impossible to find a discussion of differences on this issue where either […]

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