February 2012

No Love Lost

February 20, 2012

t’s true. If you mix religion and politics, you get politics. Perhaps it was only a coincidence. Perhaps it was the recent emergence of that voice of the 12th Century, Rick Santorum. Whatever is was, something spurred the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to declare war on the administration. Perhaps it was coordinated. Perhaps not. […]

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February 18, 2012

ou probably think that the most appropriate symbol for America is the flag, the bald eagle. the Liberty Bell or the greenback. Wrong. That’s America’s symbol, right there. The contented cow. It exhibits itself as contentedness but I suspect it is based largely on complacency and the laziness engendered to a great extend by the automobile, […]

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Car Nation

February 4, 2012

ould we exist without the automobile? The question pops into my head every time I stop at the pump, but there is reason for doubting the possibility. One of every ten jobs in the country is manufacturing cars or supplying the manufacturers. Add in the dealers, the repair shops, gas production and distribution and a […]

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Our Goose Is Cooked

February 1, 2012

ow many minutes has it been since you heard someone call this the greatest country in the world? How many seconds? Did you agree? Ooops. Was it you saying that? It used to be arguably true. We got accustomed to telling ourselves it was so. We believed it. Many of us, most of us still […]

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