April 2011

Are They Really Special?

April 29, 2011

We need not use the word megalomania when speaking of The Rump. It’s a given. Little Donald defines the word. He is far from being the only one suffering from that malady. Some actually believe they are special. However, most are desperate souls that, deep down, know it isn’t true but have to keep saying […]

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Invisible Handjob

April 19, 2011

Please don’t jump to the conclusion that I am a socialist based on this article. Socialism has at least as many problems and inanities as capitalism. Also, it is not the only alternative. Besides, I detest all ideologies. All that I ask is that you not insult me by associating me with any of them. […]

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Help US

April 16, 2011

We all agree. Everyone thinks that the government’s primary responsibility is to help us. Well, at least some of us. The problem is that we don’t agree on who the government should help. Some say help those who need help. That’s just silly. It’s the upstanding parasitic plutocrats who will create a few more jobs […]

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The Visible Invisible

April 6, 2011

Yes. I know that his makeup is that of a mime, not a clown. Perhaps he could appropriate The Donald’s hair. Unlike a mime, Alan just can’t shut up. He has regained his belief in his role as an oracle. Whatever his self-assessment, the fact remains that Mr. Greenspan is a clown. Did he just […]

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Imagination At Work

April 1, 2011

I pay more taxes than General Electric. You pay more taxes than General Electric. Technically, they pay more, just not to the United States Government. For some reason, though the bulk of their business income comes from this country, they always seem to lose money here and make tremendous profits overseas. Why didn’t TurboTax do […]

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