March 2011


March 30, 2011

Medicare is wonderful. Medicare is terrible. Medicare is in trouble. Medicare is wonderful. Medicare is also complex. People are always suggesting changes. Some wish to extend it. Some wish to eliminate it. People are running around predicting bankruptcy for Medicare around 2017 or 2019 or whenever. No, it’s not that bad. There would be a […]

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My Favorite Teacher

March 26, 2011

It’s been over half a century since I have seen my favorite teacher. That I still recall him means he made a lasting impression. The year I first met him, counting substitutes, we had five teachers in the first semester of our junior-year English. One left due to pregnancy. One got married and moved. One […]

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Have A Party

March 19, 2011

Why the Tea Party? Why the absence of civility, what my mother called good manners? It is the inevitable result of our devotion to various boneheaded ideologies. It makes no difference what the ideology is. It’s time we recovered from this childhood disease of devotion to ideologies. The incompetence of our politicians for the past […]

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Back To Basics

March 17, 2011

Many teachers and union representatives became upset when I would first advise giving up tenure. It was necessary to explain or suffer a fate worse than death. Remember, my wife is a retired teacher. Their understanding of what tenure used to be, and should continue to be, was incomplete. It was necessary to give them […]

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