January 2010

Coming Soon

January 27, 2010

You knew it was coming. Perhaps you didn’t expect it this soon but it’s here. A corporation is running for Congress. It’s happening in the 1st Congressional District of Maryland. That’s Silver Spring, MD. I have included the first campaign ad. Also, you will find the web site. You won’t even have to make a […]

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Supreme Stupidity

January 25, 2010

Despite what some may think, I was not around for the Dred Scott decision. That aside, I had comforted myself that the Supremes could not make a worse ruling than the one that gave us Bush the lesser. I was wrong, horribly so. We are now the only developed country in the world that allows […]

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Save US

January 23, 2010

Why are we being punished for being good? Have we weathered the economic meltdown? Have we survived? How are you doing? Is it over? Unemployment continues to rise. Foreclosures continue to increase. Foreclosure rates are expected to increase. Small- and medium-size businesses still can’t borrow to expand or even purchase inventory. The Wall Street casinos […]

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Private Immorality, Corporate Virtue

January 8, 2010

Here is something I stumbled upon that deserves attention. Roger Lowenstein is the author. He states the case well and doesn’t need me to interpret for him. His advice will likely go against everything you have been told on this subject. So, what? You were told that for someone else’s benefit.

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At The Movies

January 5, 2010

Seeing three movies in a week brought back memories. In the past week I went to the movies three times. I watched Up In The Air, Sherlock Holmes and Young Victoria. Up is a mixture. There are funny moments, serious moments and sad moments. George Clooney is at his peak. It’s difficult to imagine another […]

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January 2, 2010

I‘m afraid we need to get back to basics. One would think that people understood insurance. There are many valid complaints concerning “healthcare reform.” Those focused on insurance are not among them. That doesn’t stop them from complaining. Some complain for political reasons. Others complain because they don’t understand what insurance is, how it works […]

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