August 2008

Gridlock – Political Ptomaine

August 29, 2008

Some of my friends see this election as an opportunity to do severe damage to the country. They don’t put it exactly that way. They don’t really see it that way but that is the almost certain result of what they wish for. These people have every expectation that the Republicans will experience significant losses […]

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Terrorism 101

August 20, 2008

Someone commits suicide while taking 43 people with him in a Middle Eastern market. Another bomber takes the same number of people with him in a group of applicants for the police force. The media ascribes to both the term terrorist. Wrong. Someone asks why do terrorists attack innocent civilians. The definition of terrorism will […]

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Quick Takes

August 12, 2008

I just wanted to make a few short comments on a couple of items in the news – no, not the Olympics. It appears that most people don’t understand or appreciate the importance or complexities of Russia’s attacks on Georgia. I include the administration in this. One of the problems, again, is putting amateurs in […]

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Beer For My Horses

August 8, 2008

Have you thought lately about how good it would be to lynch someone? Well, Toby Keith has. He thought it such a wonderful idea that he wrote a pro-lynching song. He doesn’t just quit there. He made an unintentionally funny video about it. But first, here are the lyrics:

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How To Win The War

August 4, 2008

I could just kick myself in the rear. How did I fail to see the solution? How did you? How did we? The way to win a war is so simple, even, . . . only John McCain knew the secret. I’m a little angry with him for holding back and not enlightening us sooner. […]

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Political Tools

August 1, 2008

We are fortunate to have so many different tools, even though some of us are fairly inept in applying them correctly. With so many different tools, we would laugh at one who insisted on using a hammer, regardless of the situation. We would, likewise, be amused at someone applying only a screwdriver when other tools […]

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