July 2008

Ego or Ignorance?

July 24, 2008

Time once again to enlarge the number of people angry at me. I know that quite a few in this group already enjoy the pleasure of directing anger my way but it is possible that a straggler or stray remains. I operate under the assumption that, the more, the merrier. With only a year of […]

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The Miracles That Never Were

July 16, 2008

Maybe you’ve heard the plaintive cries: get the government off of our backs (except in the bedroom and on the phone and the net). The ones shedding the tears can’t understand why sane people don’t acknowledge them as prophets and sages. The simple truths are so obvious. Simple? Yes. Obvious? Hardly. Deregulation is just one […]

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Here Come De . . . Doctor?

July 14, 2008

Having been treated by at least 28 physicians and surgeons in the past three to four years, the subject is close to my heart, and my spine, and my artificial hip, and, and, and. Some are absolutely wonderful but 50 percent of all medical students were graduated in the lower half of their class. Not […]

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Democracy or Republic?

July 11, 2008

Having been a politician, the addiction never goes away. The interest remains even though what you see continually sickens. My intensity of interest may account for the fact that matters which go unnoticed by others cause a ‘fingernails on the blackboard’ reaction in me. It is, therefore, perhaps my sensitivity to the question that makes […]

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Creationists vs. Creationism

July 8, 2008

I don’t know why I’m writing on this subject. After all, I am somewhat cowardly. This post will likely put me in jeopardy. Too many Christians are all too ready and willing to demonstrate that “God is love.” I sometimes wonder if those most loudly proclaiming their Christianity have ever actually read the Bible. Comparing […]

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